I cut the watermelon

Sunday with blue skies and puffy white clouds. Just screaming at me: “Bring the living room outside.”

My mom always liked to tell stories about people that had crazy ideas and how that turned into either a business or fame. I guess she liked the transformation from no one believes you got it to activate superhuman strength or the courage or the bit of craziness you need to fight for your dream. Funny enough it was also my mom how said oh let's just have father's 60th birthday in the colony garden, when I had big plans for him. 


I remember we got in a fight because I insisted on going to the lakes far away. Yes, I was getting everyone moving and everyone had quiet some work with it. The morning I wanted to do the surprise for him we still didn't know which lake to choose. The weather wasn't that great. It was risky. We had to mobilize three cars; we emptied my loft - that's how much decoration I had. We got to the lake, me and my awesome brothers stood at a sand hill overlooking the turquoise water and I remember I felt like Indians striving the planes finding their new ground.

My brothers always supported me. They go out of the way for me, supporting me in making my ideas become real. 

So, my father’s 60th birthday was the first break through for me because I insisted on doing it all the way. Because the comfortable solution had been less memorable.


After this my little book filled good bye parties, birthdays, weddings.

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May, Sunday, sunny and white clouds hanging out and I felt a tickle to special someone. It started out as a birthday present to my friend Anna but as we flow it became tinder date, date catering, table for two, me and my table, table with me,

meet me at the table

The universe sent me those two. And what surprise had they something to do with communication. Just the people I was asking for. 

Him and her came along just after we set up the table, fed the cutest children with strawberry cake and were about to enjoy the people at the beach doing Sunday things by having some white wine with our cake when I realized I forgot a very important tool: a corkscrew. YouTube taught me to chill and pull a Mac Guywer trick I take Anna's show and put the bottle in and bang it against a tree apologizing for maybe hurting him. The cork doesn't move. I take the little stone wall by the beach. Nothing, cork is laughing at me.

So I am looking for help and I see them, I see his suspenders and my brain triggers and I yell over: "Hey Indiana Jones, do you have a pocket knife." He doesn't but I got their attention. "What are you doing there?" "Well it is kind of a birthday but maybe we are testing a business idea... How long have you been together?" "Some hours." That was my start signal, I sat them down at the table and after this everything just fell into place. Guess we brainstormed and well they drank our wine. We decided to leave them alone and just got going with our little birthday hangout. So we gave them room for the magic to happen. Around 7:30 pm I had a little pinch in my heart and later after they called us on our phone that they are ready to go for dinner we found them at the table in the last little spot of sun, holding hand. I asked them if they kissed around 7:30 pm for the first time and they kind of said well around that time. Yes, I could feel them fall for each other.

Well Anna and I were very much in love with them. I just don't understand why I put my jacket in dog sh*, Anna's Christinia bike wheel got punctured and her camera got stolen. We figure that out later. 

Everything happens for a reason.